Friends’ Home

Comics and stuff for Friends' Home, a new appointment for kids and boys and girls.              

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Palazzolo Digital Festival 2017

2017.   Ph. Linda Alborghetti and Marco Bellini    

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Palazzolo Digital Festival 2016

Palazzolo Digital Festival's 2016 visual identity: billboards, leaflets, website and get ready for #PDF2016                        

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Sulla stessa terra

Sulla stessa Terra, 22 – 24 luglio 2016, Spazio feste Nochetto, Bolgare (BG).  

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Stuff for Art and Educational Center in the Brescia's city centre.  We helped them with the visual identity, designing the vitrine and the printed matters, from flyers to catalogues.                    

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Fondazione Galignani 2016


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PensoGiovane is a platform that help youngs to find jobs and opportunities, we designed and develop their website and the visual identity, printing posters and creating an advertising campaign with Leonardo Maccagnola.              

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Bottega 125

Delicious website and visuals in combo with WAO, freshly baked:  

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Finally: Palazzolo Digital Hub's corporate identity. Stay tuned che succederanno cose interessanti!        

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Maybe 2014

MAYBE concept/glamour SHOP's logo redesign. Clean and combed as Turco and his freshy shoppers.

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Pizzeria al Fienile

Pizzeria Al Fienile is the new beginning of Paolo, Laura and Barbara, friends and clients that cook a stra-good pizza and has a new cute website. Made by us, with pictures by Alessandro Fapanni.

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