Il web come volano di crescita by Michele Pagani

Event organized for Palazzolo Digital Hub, inviting Alessia Camera to have a talk with us about Growth Hacking and new business strategies, directed by Michele Pagani with pizzas, fries and mineral water.

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All in one

Marco and Linda with Leonardo Maccagnola organized an exhibition to launch and inaugurate the new space for the youth aggregation called Collettore. After organizing the open call, we've curated the installation and the visual identity of the event, printing flyers, posters

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Glue and glitters

          Glue and glitters Linda Alborghetti e Marco Bellini @ Art Educational Center via Tosio 1G Brescia sabato 10 settembre 2016 inaugurazione ore 18,30 a cura di Marco Savio    

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Wed Floor 2016

  Posteroni, beers and smiles: Wed Floor moves, starting a new adventure in a new location. This year's imaginary was developed by Marco and Linda, hiding some hot parts from summer bodies. "Solita bella storia, ma di venerdì. No dress code, no

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Con un deca – zines

Con un deca is a column published online by with texts and fantasy by Michele and pictures by Linda and Marco. In the occasion of the first birthday we print all the articles in two fanzines.    

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Postcards by/for Linda and Marco (ex a wolf in a sheep's clothing, now:)    

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Wed Floor’s Halloween

Sometimes life is just a bleak pool of despair and there ain't nothing you can do about it. (cit.) Party and visuals during the night at Belleville Rendezvous, Paratico (BS). Free chilling / Good music / Chiappette allowed No guest

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Wed Floor 2015

  Wed Floor is back, this time abroad the lake at Belleville Rendezvous.  Lovely partners Check Point Rovato & CTRL magazine. ☀️ ⛵  SUMMER! ⛵ ☀️            

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Free posters @ CPR

Check Point Rovato hosted on Friday, March 27th Big joe e Lloyd AG. For the occasion Marco e Linda printed some posters on colored paper. Yᵒᵘ Oᶰˡʸ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ           ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

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CTRL #61

Collages by  

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Con un deca

Con un Deca, column on CTRL magazine taks about ugly and cheap things to do in province and you can find all here. 

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Hangover guarantee®

Secret party secret Tumblr:

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CTRL mag #55 – Luce


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Wed Floor 2014

  Wed Floor is back.

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Fai Cacare.

Viral bluff since 2014.

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NPCrew IS HIRING! Cerchiamo webdesigner da inserire nel nostro organico in tempi brevi.

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Whattaspot è il primo vero spin-off di NPCREW, nato dalla collabo col geekissimo GG.

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Colored stuff for the new Paletti's EP and for the Magnolia's stage. Check it out!

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Napa clothing

Napa è un concetto. E' sentirsi avanti con uno straccio addosso. E' prendersi gioco dell'omologazione fine a sé stessa. Napa è reinterpretare il marcusiano one dimensional man. E' avere buon gusto nonostante tutto. Napa è modo di porsi. Napa non

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