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Geologo Marella

new now, online here  

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Impresa f.lli Alborghetti

Some pictures for the new website by us  

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Palazzolo Digital Festival 2017

2017.   Ph. Linda Alborghetti and Marco Bellini    

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Corso Esperto Cinofilo

We designed the visual identity and the website of Corso Esperto Cinofilo by Ecosphera srl, a course for enthusiasts and people who want to enter deeper into their knowledge in the field of cinephiles, according to ethological and cognitive relational methods

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Elisa Scorzelli

Simple portfolio website for the Berlin-based Italian artist Elisa Scorzelli.  

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Website for the Turkish Berlin-based musician and film editor Zazuka.  

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Website for Algachieta, agency specialized into App development:  

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Mediarails – web restyling


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All in one

Marco and Linda with Leonardo Maccagnola organized an exhibition to launch and inaugurate the new space for the youth aggregation called Collettore. After organizing the open call, we've curated the installation and the visual identity of the event, printing flyers, posters

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Palazzolo Digital Festival 2016

Palazzolo Digital Festival's 2016 visual identity: billboards, leaflets, website and get ready for #PDF2016                        

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Commercial version of Linda and Marco.  

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Mbote Papa

Mbote Papa is an Italian association that cooperate and works with people from the third-world, helping them with its team of engeneers, technichans and volounteers and this is their website:  

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Guess 5

We develop the website for Guess5, a word game available on the App Store and Google Play.  

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Mobile Avenue

Website for MobAve, platform for online marketing, for which Michele has the role of Product Manager.  

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Website for Art Educational Center in Brescia: spreading, sharing and selling art and practices and books since 2008 and before.

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Stuff for Art and Educational Center in the Brescia's city centre.  We helped them with the visual identity, designing the vitrine and the printed matters, from flyers to catalogues.                    

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PensoGiovane is a platform that help youngs to find jobs and opportunities, we designed and develop their website and the visual identity, printing posters and creating an advertising campaign with Leonardo Maccagnola.              

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Fondazione Galignani

Brand new website and posters.      

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Studio legale Moretti

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Palazzolo Digital Festival 2015

This year's Palazzolo Digital Festival visual identity was created in collabo with WAO Creative. Superfreshwebsite by NPCrew and spent a day with us between Sept. 25th and 27th.    

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Palazzolo Digital Hub 2015

  Brand new website  

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Bottega 125

Delicious website and visuals in combo with WAO, freshly baked:  

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Palazzolo Digital Festival 2014

Concept and pictures online/offline for Palazzolo Digital Festival, third edition of the digital era in Franciacorta.

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Cinemateatro Aurora

Ya know? Cinema comes back to Palazzolo (with WAO creative).

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The other web

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Pizzeria al Fienile

Pizzeria Al Fienile is the new beginning of Paolo, Laura and Barbara, friends and clients that cook a stra-good pizza and has a new cute website. Made by us, with pictures by Alessandro Fapanni.

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We are happy to be involved into Nella Rete, a project that aims yo to look at future with a bit of more confidence. Follow!

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